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James Hardie: The Siding Made For Alberta’s Homes

Alberta Weather & Siding


Living in Alberta can be a roller coaster as far as the climate is concerned. It can seem like one minute its swimming weather, and the next minute you’re bundled up to resist the cold. One moment it’s dry and sunny, and the next thing you know rain is falling. You can only pray that it doesn’t become hail from that point. These extreme changes in climate can take a toll on the structure of your house, from your doors to your cabinets–not to mention your sanity. Fluctuating weather conditions can also affect the siding on your home. If you want a siding that stands up to the elements as well as pests and fire, then you need James Hardie siding with Color Plus technology.


James Hardie Siding Protects Alberta Homes


James Hardie comes with incredible moisture and rot resistance, withstanding humid weather year-round in a way that most sidings can’t. Usually, wood will soak through and start cracking, swelling, rotting, and developing mold over time. James Hardie products are designed to resist the elements and preserve the structural integrity of your home through any storm. In Alberta, weather changes come quickly, and without warning, so you’ll want a siding that can hold its own without constant maintenance. Storms won’t stand a chance against these walls.


Because James Hardie fiber cement siding is engineered to stand up to the Alberta climate, you can expect it to last much longer than standard wood or vinyl siding. Wood and vinyl both age quickly, leaving marks and signs of wear from years of use.


Color That Lasts


James Hardie, with its Color Plus technology and innovative engineering, will last you for many more years than traditional materials. What’s Color Plus? Color Plus is a paint technology that resists fading and wear. Paint is applied in many coats and then baked onto your siding, keeping the color of your walls brighter for longer come rain or shine. Best of all, it carries a 15-year warranty against cracking, peeling, and chipping.


Fire Resistant


Do you have a plan in case a fire breaks out in your home? Get your family and valuables to safety as quickly as possible, but don’t worry at all about the structure of your house with James Hardie walls. Wood siding will only add fuel to the flame, and vinyl melts quickly, but our siding will withstand heat and even the worst of fires without breaking a sweat. James Hardie siding doesn’t ignite when directly exposed to flames. Having fireproof siding will make a big difference protecting your home from fire, and sometimes getting you a discount from your insurance provider.


Pests Won’t Find A Home Here


Among the many popular wildlife species in Alberta, there are a few that seem to cause more difficulties than others. Pests can be a significant problem for house siding in Alberta. Termites, carpenter ants, and carpenter bees can all wreak havoc on wood by burrowing into it, making it fragile and more susceptible to rot. Woodpeckers can also damage the structural integrity of wood siding as they search for these insects to eat. James Hardie siding offers little appeal to these creatures, however, which will save you in dollars and headaches further down the line. It also frees up time to spend with the animals you love.


Siding Specifically Engineered For Alberta Homes


Weather conditions in Alberta can be extreme and are known to change quickly. Rain, hail, snow, and strong winds are all common at various times throughout the year, and each of these can damage your siding. Rain can soak through wood, rotting it out, while hail literally chips away your siding, destroying it bit by bit. The same is true of wind-blown debris. Alberta’s humid continental climate ensures that your house will be exposed to every variety of weather at some time or another throughout the year. But James Hardie products are engineered to withstand every one of these weather conditions. Unlike wood and vinyl, our siding can withstand impact from hail and debris without trouble. Moreover, exposure to heat and sunshine won’t dry it out.


The HardieZone System


Rather than make siding a one size fit all, James Hardie created a system called the HardieZone System. It is designed on eight individual climatic variables that wear on siding over time. By finding the common variables between each region, a line of products was created. HZ5® is for climate zones 1 – 5 (think Alberta weather) and HZ10® zones 6 through 10. And it is thanks to this system, that a line of siding products that are specifically resistant to Alberta’s weather exists.


Living in Alberta comes with lots of perks. But for every inch of its beautiful geography, there is a danger to your house’s siding in the form of rain and hail, and pests. Even sunny days will wear on the structure of your home over time. And, if you do encounter a faulty board, each piece of Hardie Siding carries between a 15 – 30-year warranty! Contact us for hardie board Calgary installation by  a certified James Hardie Siding installer and get a free estimate for your home.





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