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Our design-forward products are weather tested and specifically engineered for exterior use in Alberta; producing stunning design and proven performance.

James Hardie Lap Siding


HardiePlank® lap siding is the most popular brand of siding in North America and can be found on over 4 million homes. With its strength, beauty and durability, HardiePlank® siding enhances and protects homes in all kinds of climates – and now, with the HardieZone™ System,  James Hardie provides siding with specific performance attributes relative to the climate where the product is being used.  James Hardie now gives you optimum siding for your home and climate, based on location.

All HardiePlank® lap siding comes in a variety of aesthetics and textures, all of which are engineered for our climate. We are so sure about how well the HardieZone system will perform, HardiePlank® lap siding comes with a 30-years NON prorated, transferable, limited warranty – our strongest warranty ever.

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Longboard® is aluminum soffit, siding and privacy screens available in over 20 wood grain species and over 60 solid color options. Accent colors help bring out the natural hues and tones found in all longboard wood grains, allowing for creative new options when designing. The perfect solution for achieving all of the richness and beauty of wood without the maintenance.

Longboard® is an architectural grade aluminum with a high performance powder coat finish. The strength of aluminum as the substrate allows for design features unachievable with wood including overcoming the issue of combustibility and offers a 15 Year non-Prorated Finish Warranty.

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James Hardie Long Board


AL13™ has changed the game with its metal panel system offering an option that is less expensive and installs faster than comparable panel systems on the market. The system does not require prefabrication making installation simple and allowing the configuration to be tailored on site. No more waiting for prefabricated panel.

The AL13 system differs from other ACM systems in being a tab-over system. Panels are not welded or formed during construction. Panels are cut to fit and snap together on site, saving time and money. This allows for each panel to expand and contract across a broad temperature spectrum without causing buckling or oil canning.The tab-over design is unique to AL13, consisting of five different Aluminum extruded profiles. The panel spacers and extrusions work together to create a pressure equalized rain screen system, allowing any moisture to exit.

AL13 comes in a variety of colors and finishes including metallics, pearls, solids and wood-grain finishes. RAL custom color matching is also available by special order to meet specific requirements.

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Metal is an excellent choice for your roofing and siding needs, and is a product which can be installed on virtually any type of building from residential to commercial. Virtually maintenance free, metal is easy to install and lasts longer than most conventional exterior products. These products are available in a large variety of profiles, colors, gauges and finishes. The workability of metals provides the additional benefit of having custom profiles and accessories bent to fit any architectural detail or idea in mind, offering a new freedom in design by opening innovative alternatives to common exterior facades. Some of our metal siding suppliers include Westform, Vic West, and Metalworks.

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Architectural Metal Siding
Easytrim Reveals


Easytrim is an aluminum reveals trim system designed to work with the fiber cement panel or siding of your choice. The system is designed to be a modern and superior alternative to traditional wood and composite trims. EasyTrim Reveals LAP trims feature pre-built, caulk-free trims that are lightweight, blind nailed, non-combustible, impact and rot resistant. Their patented and multi-purpose EZ.Bump™ provides innovative water shed method to help protect your building and exterior fiber cement product.

All EasyTrim Reveal profiles are made from ultra-durable 6063-T5 anodized aluminum and are available in a number of finishes and colors including clear silver anodized, black anodized and primed for custom painting. When installed in conjunction with James Hardie Smooth Panel, the result is an affordable and modern alternative to other wall panel systems.

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You can tell it’s CanExel siding by their signature authentic wood-grain texture. Canexel siding has a wide variation of patterns and designs that create their stunning, exclusive style. CanExel siding offers three distinctive siding styles and a variety of colours for each profile so you can choose a look that fits your taste and personality. CanExel® Prefinished Siding is produced from wood fiber, resin and wax fused together under pressure. This engineered wood siding is highly stable, as well as highly resistant to weather. Finally, CanExel siding is finished in the plant with heat cured paint, resulting in durable low maintenance products with all the beauty of wood.

CanExel siding has been subjected to outdoor testing in seven different extreme North American climates and undergone UV testing in all of these climates, from intense cold to intense heat and beyond. They have continually evolved the product based on the results of these tests to maintain optimal performance.

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James Hardie Canexel Siding
Fiber Cement Siding


As versatile and attractive as it is durable, fiber cement cladding has been earning its stripes for decades. Nichiha has taken all that’s great about fiber cement and engineered it into a rainscreen system that stands alone in the commercial construction universe. With the addition of their time saving clip installation and an ever-expanding offering of finishes and textures, Nichiha gives you the ability to unleash the power of possibilities with fiber cement cladding.

Nichiha products offer greater color breadth and design options which make for a broad choice. The Illumination Series panels from Nichiha, are vibrantly colored fiber cement panels. Designed to meet the needs of architects and designers, the Illumination Series panels provide value engineering in function, quality and appearance and are backed by a 50-year warranty, offering tremendous integrated value.

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Lux Panel is an elegant prefinished metal panel showcasing a warm and beautiful wood appeal.Lux provides an affordable option to the client or designer interested in Longboard at half the cost. Lux panel is available in woodgrain and premium textured finishes as well as a wide range of solid colours. Designed to be installed horizontally, vertically and as a soffit panel it will make a great fit for your application criteria. Lux panel is made with a durable and strong steel substrate, available in custom lengths with custom flashings. Optional venting is also available, this venting is added during the roll-forming process and blends nicely with solid panels. A proper rain shield and barrier is required depending on application and code requirements.

Lux Panel Offers Long Lasting Durability at a Great Value offering the warmth of natural wood without the maintenance!

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James Hardie Luxpanel
Fiber Cement Siding


LP® SmartSide® Trim & Fascia offers strength, durability and consistency that traditional lumber just can’t match, making it the perfect accent to any substrate. It is available in a wide assortment of profiles and lengths up to 16’ for fewer seams, so you can add a touch of craftsmanship that’s hard to miss.

Manufactured with their proprietary SmartGuard® process, LP® SmartSide® Trim products resist fungal decay and termite damage. Ideal for corner boards, fascia and trim around windows and doors.Get the beauty of real wood with the durability of LP engineered wood.

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The soffit is the name given to the underside of roof overhang, extending from the side of the structure to the edges of the eaves.Fascia is the long, horizontal board that runs along the lower edge of the roof and typically behind the eavestrough.This is usally made of dimensional lumber and wrapped in aluminum to. This adds an aesthetically pleasing dimension to the eavestrough system, and at the same time, protects the wood fascia from rotting.

You may not realize it, but soffit and fascia do more than just help tie the whole look of your home exterior together. They play an important role in the structural integrity of your home. Properly installed soffit provides essential ventilation and air circulation to reduce excess moisture that can cause rotting and decay of the roof’s structure. It promotes directional air movement through the eaves and rafters of your home, helping it to stay in great shape both inside and out. Eavestrough (Gutters& downspouts) are crtitical to the water management of your home. Designed to keep protect a building’s foundation by channeling water away from its base and your entrance ways preventing leaks into basements and crawlspaces

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Soffit, Fascia & Eavestrough
Building Envelope


Wrapping a home or buiding in a weather-resistant barrier is not just good sense, it’s good building practice because it helps combat water, moisture and air infiltration that are any structure’s worst enemies. Allowed to penetrate behind siding, wind-driven rain and moisture can saturate walls, creating a breeding ground for mold, mildew and wood rot.

The properties of DuPont™Tyvek® do not support the growth of mould or mildew. Air infiltration from outside can create comfort-robbing cold or warm spots while increasing heating and cooling costs. Whether it is DuPont™Tyvek® or two layers of Hal-Tex 30 Minute asphalt building paper, when wrapped over the sheathing and under the exterior siding they act like a windbreaker to prevent air infiltration and water intrusion to make for a more comfortable, energy-efficient home or building.

For Commercial and Multi-family applications some of the products we use are supplied by manufacturers such as Henry Building Envelope Systems® and Soprema® .

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As the thermal efficiency requirements of homes become a growing concern, exterior insulation provides builders and renovators an easy to install and cost effective method to minimize heat loss and provide energy-savings.


Multi-purpose STYROFOAM™ Brand SM Insulation Extruded Polystyrene is especially suited for foundations, slab, crawl spaces, interior basements, geotechnical and other in-ground insulation applications. The Type 4 extruded polystyrene foam insulation helps protect foundation damp-proofing and waterproofing, especially during backfilling and provides a secondary barrier against groundwater leakage.

IKO Enerfoil®

IKO Enerfoil is a rigid, polyisocyanurate commercial roofing foam insulation with high thermal properties. It is constructed from closed cell polyisocyanurate foam core bonded on each side to aluminum foil facers during the manufacturing process. IKO Enerfoil is designed to be non-structural sheathing in cavity wall, stud wall or cathedral ceiling construction. IKO Enerfoil Sheathing is dimensionally stable and can be sized with ease. It is also lightweight and easy to handle

Other manufacturers we use include products by Owens Corning® Formular®250 and ROXUL CAVITYROCK® for commercial applications.

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Exterior Insulation
Exterior Insulation

Kaycan Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding offers a cost effective way to transform the exterior of your home. This affordable siding option has come a long way since it’s debut back in the 1950s. With smart colour retention technology, updated product formulations, longer warranties and quick install methods, this product should not be overlooked. When choosing a vinyl product we recommend Kaycan vinyl siding. Kaycan’s high-performance vinyl is Canadian made and has a collection which includes a multitude of vinyl siding styles, textures, colours and finishes to suit any project.

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